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The City Hall in London at night
Local flower 1 - Bird of Paradise
Epic Fireworks
London Eye
Mount Everest
Scroby Sands Wind Farm
Not the sandiest beach
The Brisons taken from Nanven in Cornwall, UK
Looking North along Loch Ness
Nature / Sunset

Group Deals | City Deals | UK Deals of the Day

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Group deals often called City Deals or Group Buying is a new way to buy products or services much cheaper than the usual retail price. The essence of Group Deals, also known as Daily Deals is that in order to complete the purchase a minimum number of purchases must take place. The concept is similar to wholesale buying; with the difference that group buy in more like a social buy where a number of people come together each buying the items on sale instead of one person or business buying the lot as in wholesale buy. From this standpoint, a group deal or city deal can be seen as a "social buy" with wholesale like price.

As a result group deals are much cheaper; often offering up to 80-90% discount; in some cases even more. This section lists all the hot group deals UK, city deals UK and daily deals. If you are looking for great group deals, please check this place.
Photo: The City Hall in London at night. By: Billy Hicks (licensed under CC)  /  Full View