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The City Hall in London at night
Local flower 1 - Bird of Paradise
Epic Fireworks
London Eye
Mount Everest
Scroby Sands Wind Farm
Not the sandiest beach
The Brisons taken from Nanven in Cornwall, UK
Looking North along Loch Ness
Nature / Sunset
Help: Deals, discounts, vouchers and other offers
Deals, discount codes, voucher codes and other deals, special offers

What is a Deal?
A 'deal' can be any price promotional offer like discount code, rebate/cashback, price reduction, voucher code, free bonus item, special offer, free gift or any other similar offer from a shop or merchant that represents some additional value or price reduction or incentive to shoppers. At ZealDeal all Hot Deals in UK are manually verified by our editors (real human beings) and added to our deal promotion and marketplace systems to make sure they are valid and accurate.
What is a Promo Code or Voucher Code?
Simply speaking, promo codes or voucher codes are special discount codes issued by shops and merchants usually consisting of a combination of alphabets or numbers or both. Voucher Codes often referred to as Discount Codes can offer a fixed amount rebate, discount, savings or a combination of incentives. Users see the details of the how much savings or discount a specific voucher code offeres in our site. We list voucher codes from hundreds of shops, merchants and major retailers.
Voucher Codes Voucher Codes usually have a time validity time span and should be used with in the specified time frame.

See Definition of Voucher Code in Oxford Dictionary.
See this Wikipedia article for background information and histoty of voucher codes (also known as discount codes, promo codes, coupons).
What is Cashback?
Cashback (cash back) is a form of rebate where a specified amount is paid back to the shopper thus untimately reducing the total amount paid for the purchase. With 'Cashback' deals, shoppers are usually required to pay the full payable amount at the point of purchase as usual and the cashback amount is paid back at a later time in accordance with the terms and conditions laid out by the shop or merchant.
What do the 'V', 'D' etc. icons in title mean?
These icons are used to identify deal type. As for example, the 'V' icon means 'Voucher Code' Deal. Here is the list:
voucher deal
Voucher code (Discount Code) deal. A valid voucher code should be entered (or produced) at the checkout to quality for the deal.
special deal
Special Deal.
Any other Deal. Example: discount, cashback, reduction, sale etc.
expired voucher deal
Expired Voucher code deal.
expired special deal
Expired special deal.
expired deal
Expired Deal.
deal type icon
How do I use my Promo Code or Voucher Code?
When you click on a promo code or Voucher Code link (by clicking on 'Show Code and Open Offer Site'), the code will be revealed to you. At the same time, a new window will open sending you to the shop or merchant web site where the voucher-code can be used. You will need to use the revealed 'Voucher-Code' at the checkout.
how to find voucher code at zealdeal
Is there any restriction on how many vouchers I can use?
No. You can use as many vouchers from as many shops you want.

However, usually shops/merchants will limit use of one promotional offer per order. Please check with the shop or merchant if in doubt.

Note: Deal, discount, cashback and voucher terms and conditions may vary from merchant to merchant and if in any doubt, please check with the merchant before making a purchase.
If you cannot find the answer to your question in the help sections, please contact us.
Photo: The City Hall in London at night. By: Billy Hicks (licensed under CC)  /  Full View