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The City Hall in London at night
Local flower 1 - Bird of Paradise
Epic Fireworks
London Eye
Mount Everest
Scroby Sands Wind Farm
Not the sandiest beach
The Brisons taken from Nanven in Cornwall, UK
Looking North along Loch Ness
Nature / Sunset
Help: 'My Favourite Shops'
'My Favourite Shops'

What is 'My Favourite Shops'?
my favourite shops at zealdeal 'My Favourite Shops' is a personal collection of shops/merchants preferred by a specific user. This allows the user to view, manage, organize all the deals, offers, vouchers and discounts from these preferred shops only.
saving to my favourite shops - zealdeal Any shop can be added to 'Favourite Shops' simply by clicking the Make Favourite Shop link. This Make Favourite Shop link appears right beneath the shop logos (see the picture on the right).
'My Favourite Shops' Interface
my favourite shops - zealdeal
Accessing 'My Favourite Shops' folder from anywhere
In order to access the 'My Favourite Shops' from anywhere and any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Smartphone or any other web-enabled device), please signup and create an account (free of charge). It only takes a few moments to signup and create a free account.
How can I add/remove 'Favourite Shops'?
adding to my favourite shops Simply click on the Make Favourite Shop link to add a shop to 'My Favourite Shops' list (as shown in the picture on the right).

These Make Favourite Shop links are present in all deal listings (right beneath the shop logos).
adding to my favourite shops Once clicked, the Make Favourite Shop link will change to show that the selected shop has been added to 'My Favourite Shops' list.

Similarly, any shop can be removed from 'My Favourite Shops' list simply by clicking on the Remove from Favourite Shops List (Remove) link. Please see the picture on the right.

To remove a number of shops or all shops, simply visit 'My Favourite Shops' where all currently favourite shops are listed.
If you cannot find the answer to your question in the help sections, please contact us.
Photo: The City Hall in London at night. By: Billy Hicks (licensed under CC)  /  Full View