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The City Hall in London at night
Local flower 1 - Bird of Paradise
Epic Fireworks
London Eye
Mount Everest
Scroby Sands Wind Farm
Not the sandiest beach
The Brisons taken from Nanven in Cornwall, UK
Looking North along Loch Ness
Nature / Sunset
About ZealDeal: About us
The story
Some time ago, one of our friends bought a watch as a gift. A couple of days later, that friend of ours was browsing the web and discovered that the same watch was on sale for quite some time in another retailer site for 30% less. To put it mildly, she wasn't impressed and we couldn't help but sympathise with her. We understand that in our modern day lifestyle with thousands of retailers out there, it is quite a challenge to stay on top of everything. It is more so in todays competitive economy where every shop or merchant is trying to outperform each other in terms of price and incentives. So, we did some research and discovered a range of various types of services, but none of them appeared to address the issue adequately and we decided to design a service that would operate in a way that is befitting to our technology driven modern day life style.
Inception ...
For a start, we already had an excellent developement team who has been engaged in full scale web development since 1996 and, over these years, engineered a wide range of information integration, search consolidation, clustering/classification, e-commerce, semantic/geo-local/hyper-local and numerous other innovative solutions. As a result, developing the right technology was not the main concern for us. We were mostly interested in making sure that our services can relate to people like my friend, offer a real-life solution for people like her and millions of others who may have endured a similar experience or simply would not like to be in a situation like this. Our endever was to come up with a service that is easy but smart, simple but intelligent, fast but efficient, creative but user friendly and in perfect harmony with our demanding life style.
The Journey ...
Our journey has began and we are working tirelessly to keep improving the service and introduce new, innovative tools in coming weeks and months. We love to listen and learn from what we hear. If you have a moment, please do take the time to tell us what you think about ZealDeal, about things we should do, more importantly about things that would make your life better and help keep more of your money in pocket. After all, we all have to buy things in our everyday life - wouldn't it be great if we could somehow make sure we never pay more than we need to ! At ZealDeal, we are trying to achieve just that but in a better way.
The Objective ...
ZealDeal is all about saving money by paying less. One of our main objective is to make sure our users spend less time searching for a suitable deal in UK; in fact they do not spend any time at all scouring through pages of listings. Shoppers who simply do not have the time to look for deals can just jump into the Marketplace and all UK Hot Deals, Special Offers, Discount codes, Voucher Codes promotions will follow them automatically.

Happily, we have managed to be the first in the world to develop a deal-enabled marketplace where savvi shoppers no longer need to look for a deal; hot deals come to them instead !
Finally ...
If you like ZealDeal, please tell your friends or share in your favourite social media.
ZealDeal - The Money Saving Engine !
... where hot deals come to you ...
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Photo: The City Hall in London at night. By: Billy Hicks (licensed under CC)  /  Full View